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Meet Peter & Robbie

Introducing Peter, our new Head Chef at Muckrach who has been with us since January. Peter is extremely talented and passionate about cooking and creating the perfect dish. He loves using local ingredients and produce in his dishes, especially blueberries, rosehip and rowan berries and the wide variety of mushrooms found in the Cairngorms National Park.

Peter made his debut at the Highland Food and Drink Festival showcasing his culinary skills on Saturday the 25th. He was joined by 17-year-old Robbie the junior Chef at the hotel. The pair prepared a delicious beef fillet accompanied by Pomme Anna, asparagus, chicory and radish with a watercress and samphire salad.

Peter has introduced a daily changing Dinner menu at Muckrach, to incorporate the brilliant seasonal larder available in Scotland. Of course some of your favorite dishes will remain on the menu as well. Stay with us at Muckrach and enjoy a different, unique dish each night.